Posted on September 18, 2015

In the “21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership” John Maxwell calls it the Law of Process. He also points out that there are very few overnight successes in the world. Most people who “burst onto the scene” with success have been working for years developing their craft with daily discipline and perseverance.

Most leaders know this and experience it, but often fail to apply it to some of the things they care about the most. Sometimes “waiting to start” lasts for years. We say things like “once this or that changes” or “once we get through this season, then I will….”

Maybe it’s because we look at our goals and/or dreams as large elephants that we don’t feel we have the capacity to manage today. However, the only way to eat an elephant is still one bite at at time. The good news is growing into who we want to become is a lot like investing in the stock market, our assets “compound” overtime.

Here is a simple illustration about the power of making incremental progress over time.

Let’s say on a scale of 1 to 10 you feel like you are a “3” in some area of your life that is important to you. It can be related to your personal or professional life. It can also be relational or task-focused in nature.

Simply moving from a 3 to 4 and sustaining the change can make a massive difference.

Check it out…

Repeat your “3” behavior only 5 times.

3x3x3x3x3 = 243.

Now, take a step towards growth/progress resulting in movement to a “4” and sustain the change for 5 more reps.

4x4x4x4x4 = 1024

1024/243 = 4.2 or 420% improvement!

Have you been waiting for the “time to be right” or for a “sudden breakthrough in circumstances” to begin pursing what will get you where you want to be a year from now? Five years from now?

What would happen if instead of letting the size of the gap between where you are and where you want to be keep you from moving, you simply focused on growing daily? A year from now you will need a telescope to look back to see how far you have come!

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