Are you discouraged by ineffective communication and unmet expectations within your marriage?

This doesn’t mean you married the wrong person, it simply means you married someone different than you (we all do!). You just need some help “syncing up” for a better, happier outcome.

If you are ready to move past the past and begin cultivating a better, more aligned relationship, you should consider participating in our Potential 2 Results 1-Day Marriage Discovery and Coaching Experience.

You will gain the clarity you need to improve your marriage!

At the end of your day you will:

  • Gain mutual clarity on the core issues causing disconnects within your relationship
  • Have a better understanding of your past so you don’t unintentionally let it determine your future
  • See your spouse differently, so you better know how to meet his/her needs.
  • Walk away with more effective communication skills
  • Create alignment in your personal and professional lives

 You will receive:

  •  A full day of private, 1 : 1 coaching (9AM to 5PM with a 1-hour lunch break) with Bob Willumsen
  • A 1-hour follow up session to be scheduled within 90 days of the 1-day session
  • A follow up resource customized to each of your individual needs.
  • An opportunity to talk through any current areas of concern within your marriage
Bob has helped hundreds of couples improve their marriages and set the foundation to build their legacy. Spaces are limited.

What people are saying:
“Bob’s one day marriage workshop helped me understand my spouse on a whole new level.  It was a turning point in our marriage and we are forever grateful to him.”
“God has blessed Bob with a unique skill set and a passion for strengthening marriages. We were headed for divorce and didn’t see any hope. The day we spent with Bob helped us to understand each other in a way we never had before and facilitated conversations that served us greatly on the path to ultimately saving our marriage.”
“Bob’s One day program helped save our marriage. We learned more about each other in one day than we had in 6 years of marriage. It was worth every penny.
An added benefit is that the exercises you will go through during your marriage coaching will also benefit every other relationship – personal and professionally.


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