Statistics and experience tell us high-level leaders often struggle to manage stress in a way that produces the results they desire- personally and/or professionally. Accumulated pressure, anxiety, exhaustion and frustration keeps many leaders from operating at their peak potential. Moreover, the higher the level achieved in an organization the more difficult it is to find a safe person to talk to about this reality and receive effective help and support.

Having successfully served in the “C-suite” in both for-profit and non-profit organizations, Bob can relate to where you may be. Additionally, during his tenure in pastoral ministry he learned a great deal about how people think, feel and often carry with them limiting patterns that keep them from living the life that awaits them. This perspective, combined with the John Maxwell coaching process has proven to be incredibly powerful in helping leaders lead from a place of health and authenticity.

There is a lot of talk about organizational alignment in the marketplace today. This is essential and we love to help organizations align themselves more effectively. Equally important is holistic life alignment for the leaders in those very organizations.

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