Why p2r?

Because our purpose is helping you achieve yours.


Successful leaders all hit seasons of frustration, ambiguity or doubt.

Whether you’re leading your team to the next level, clarifying what it will take to achieve your goal, or questioning if you’re on the right path, you were meant to thrive not settle – at work and in life.

But, if nothing changes nothing changes. And, it’s difficult to see the full picture when you’re in the frame.

Our calling is to be your objective, trusted, thinking partner and coach, serving as a catalyst to help you and/or your team become your very best, so you can succeed with clarity and confidence.

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Our Approach

Through a personal conversation we’ll take the time to learn about you, your goals, your desires and your frustrations.  From there we’ll provide personalized executive coaching and consulting to help you succeed.

You will gain:

  1. Clarity on your priority goals and objectives
  2. Awareness of blindspots putting your desired outcome at risk
  3. Actionable insight and tools to help you move forward
  4. Support, accountability and encouragement along the way

As an Executive Director on the John Maxwell Team trained by John himself, we proudly integrate methods and content from the #1 leadership expert in the world into what we do to help you grow.

Clients served include: FedEx, Chick-Fil-A, Trugreen, C.H. Robinson Worldwide, Regional One Health, and many other small and mid-sized businesses and individuals.


After 25 years as an SVP or above, including the past fifteen as a President and/or CEO, for the first time in my career, I decided that I would gain value from an executive coach. I interviewed several potential coaches, most of whom had held similar roles to mine but fairly quickly realized that I wasn’t looking for someone to tell me how to run a company – I am pretty confident in my abilities in that area. What I wanted was someone who would listen well, ask good questions and help me weigh through important decisions. Bob Willumsen was the perfect choice. Bob is an exceptionally good listener and incredibly gifted at framing questions that zero in on the core issues. He is one of the most insightful people I know. I can recommend Bob without reservation.

— David Alexander, Private Equity Board Member (Former CEO, Trugreen)

Whether you are looking to grow as an individual or with your company in a team environment, Bob Willumsen is a gifted coach with amazing insight and has the ability to ask probing questions to help you better understand yourself and your role in your organization. Through his observations and perfect timing, Bob prompted our team to have meaningful dialog, guided us with grace, inserting himself to keep our conversations focused and productive. I am grateful for this life changing experience.

— Alesia Kempe, SVP Asset Management

I have known and worked with Bob Willumsen for several years. He's one of the best coaches I know at helping leaders go from "good to great". He has helped me navigate very important career moments and coached me to my next level of leadership several times. Bob has worked with some of the best leadership coaches in the world, and he brings that experience and tailors strategies and a plan very specific to your needs and career phase. What I admire about Bob's approach most is that its not only about having success at work, but also about reaching your potential in all areas of life. Bob will definitely help you get there!"

— Jeff McCall, CEO & Private Equity Operator

I've known Bob for just over a year, and in that time it has become abundantly clear that he possesses the key ingredient in having the ability to lead, and to teach leadership... That ingredient is that he genuinely cares about people. Not just people in general, but he cares about the individual. In my opinion, you cannot lead effectively unless the people you are attempting to lead, or teach for that matter, know in their heart that you care about them and their well being. You cannot fake your way through this either. I have found Bob to be a deeply caring individual as he is interested in hearing your story, interested in what makes you unique and interested in helping you become a better leader. Bob has become a good friend and confidant.

— Tony Dudek, Vice President IT, Autozone, Inc.

As you lead a growing organization, you soon realize that you must be growing yourself. Growing is difficult if you aren’t sure where and how to grow. While wrestling with some growth questions, I realized I needed someone to ask me the right questions. Bob has a way of pointing you gently in the right direction. He asks very specific questions that force you to go inside of yourself and have real dialog on growing as a leader. Consider talking with Bob if you lack clarity in any area of leadership.

— Elian Levatino, Partner, Benchmark Wealth Management

Bob Willumsen came highly recommend as an Executive coach and acted as a conduit between where I was and what I could become. Though I did not realize the need, Bob came at a time that I needed him the most. His coaching, counseling, accountability (required transparency and trust), and friendship helped shape and give clarity to my “3 Fs” (Faith, Family, & FedEx). He provided tangible and practical tools to guide my thoughts, decisions, transitions and purpose. Many of these tools have been shared and positively impacted my family, friends and FedEx colleagues. Today I can honestly say that Bob has become a trusted friend and confidant!”

— Don Kwasigroh, VP, FedEx

I had a clear vision of where I wanted to go with my business, but I needed some help to identify the steps to make it a reality. I needed a thought partner and that is where Bob came in. He has helped me not only take tremendous strides forward in executing on my vision, but has also challenged me to grow in all areas of my leadership. I feel like I have a greater understanding of how to take the ideas in my head and put them into action. Bob has helped me be clear and consistent in my message with my team rather than trying something new every month. I am confident that I have grown my leadership to a whole new level with my partnership with Bob.

— Scott Swindler, Owner/Operator, Chick-Fil-A

I have had coaches for 15 years. Bob is the first who philosophically believes what I believe and because of that we have been able to look at the big picture the same way. We chose a long-term approach with Bob and he continues to help us make steady, sustainable change. He meets monthly with my business partner and I to aid in our communication. We are "great complimentary business partners" but having us in the same room for 90 minutes focusing on the business with Bob has turned out to be one of the best things we could’ve done... and will continue to do for our practice.

— Nancy Knous, President, Benchmark Wealth Management

My company recently gathered our team for a national training and team building session. We have 35 plus professionals each with unique skill sets and communication styles. We hired Bob to help us define and understand the best tools for listening and understanding each other. Our goal was to maximize communication and understand the best fit for each team member. The results were outstanding. The team was really engaged and told my partner and I how educational the training was. Bob was really good at probing and asking the audience for feedback. We built a team map and had takeaway tools. We have already seen a good return on our investment.

— David Van Horn, VP, Grecco Construction Consultants

It is a pleasure to personally recommend Bob’s leadership training and executive coaching program. I have known Bob and his wife Christie for several years and have admired his integrity and thoughtfulness. I thoroughly enjoyed spending time with Bob discussing leadership, team building and time management skills. Bob has a unique skill set derived from both ten years in healthcare administration and eight years in pastoral ministry and non-profit leadership. This combination of business acumen and coaching expertise has gifted Bob in many ways. I have participated in other leadership programs over the years that have been beneficial, but none have been as effective for me as Bob’s tailored approach to one-on-one coaching. His insightful feedback and guidance have definitely helped me in both my professional and personal life

— Mark, Partner, Dixon Hughes Goodman

Bob has been a great friend and mentor to me over the past few years. He has been very instrumental in my growth. He has a gift when it comes to helping navigate my life and business. I know that no matter the situation Bob is available to help me think through and rationalize any situation that I face.

— Randy Griffith, Commercial Radiator Repair

My time with Bob helped me go from being a results driven & highly opinionated young manager to being a people-centric team builder & high capacity leader. It's incredible what you can do with a team of people that are loyal. Bob helped me be the kind of leader that can build and sustain a loyal team.

— Josh Maze, Creative Director, Highpoint Church


About Bob Willumsen

Bob Willumsen spent the first 10 years of his career in the hospital industry. Tenet Healthcare recognized his leadership ability and at 27 he became the COO of one of their major suburban hospitals, where they became the first in TN to be awarded the JD Powers & Associates Distinguished Hospital Award.

During that tenure, he also served as an operations consultant, helping hospital executive teams across the nation find ways to work more effectively, producing measurable results for their organizations.

Bob was called to mission-based non-profit leadership. As Executive Pastor, he built teams, identified and raised up leaders and helped lead one of the 50th fastest-growing churches in America.

Bob then became a Speaker, Trainer and Coach with the John Maxwell Team and founded Potential 2 Results, LLC to focus his passion and experience on helping leaders and organizations determined to reach the next level.

Across the globe Bob has trained and coached thousands of people to improve their leadership skills – beginning with self-leadership (the toughest form of leadership) and moving from there to how they influence people around them.

Bob currently serves as an executive leadership coach in companies ranging from entrepreneurial start-ups to Fortune 100 Corporations. He also serves as Adjunct Professor in the MBA Program at Union University.

Bob and his wife Christie lead a program that has helped hundreds of couples prioritize and improve their marriage. His passion is people and he carries a burden for anyone living a life that feels “less than” the life they were designed to live.

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